Real Estate Development Services

Z-Co. is a one-stop-shop for real estate development projects. We offer our services to help investors succeed in their development projects.

We have also designed a variety of development projects that meet the following criteria:

  1. Optimum use of the land for its use
  2. Low initial cost with highest post development value
  3. High returns on cash investment
  4. Market demand from institutional investors for post development sale of the projects

The commercial real estate professionals at Z-Co Development can plan, facilitate and develop projects by performing the following services:

Pre-Acquisition Planning:

We analyze the market conditions to initiate our projects at the right time to maximize the value of each project and to attain maximum returns.

Site acquisition:

We have at our disposal the services of professional real estate brokers that understand our requirement for development sites. This helps us acquire the land at the right time and location for a good price. Site acquisition services include provisions, securing all necessary approvals and entitlements from the government or other entities.

Land planning:

We have a team of architects, engineers and development professionals with vast experience in land planning. Each project is brought to the team for brain storming sessions to determine the most efficient use of the land.

Contract Negotiations:

Our philosophy is to buy the best piece of land for a great price. This translates into a successful real estate development project with high post development value and thus high equity for the owners.


Ownership Structures:

We consult with tax and contract attorneys to create ownership structures that benefit all of the participants for each development. This results in clear partnership contracts and substantial tax savings.


In our experience, a realistic budget is vital for the success of any real estate development. We have an in-house estimator that creates the budgets for each project.

Construction and Build-out:

Our construction division handles all of our development projects to provide the most value for the least amount of money in a timely manner.

Construction and Build-out Monitoring services ensure that the entire scope of construction for a real estate project receives the attention necessary to guarantee financial viability. Z-Co Development excels when it comes to meeting construction goals and timetables.

Tenant Coordination:

We have the resources to find the right tenants for a project under development. This helps our investors reach their goals, quickly.