Our Team

Mike Butte

President and CEO


Mike Butte is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of experience in real estate and business development. He possesses an entrepreneurial mind with the practicality to successfully implement new business strategies, deliver innovative solutions and facilitate operations.

Mike has successfully developed real estate and small businesses in a variety of industries. His projects range from hotels, automotive repair shops and restaurants, to the most prestigious hair salon & spa in HoustHouston.

Mike’s expertise revolves around the following:

  • Purchasing land at or below value
  • Developing the land to its optimum potential
  • Creating real estate-based business models
  • Analyzing small business operations to determine their true potential
  • Creating and implementing plans to operate businesses successfully
  • Creating unique design ideas for construction projects
  • Identifying and implementing the right financing models for projects

Mike’s passion for helping other entrepreneurs succeed is instrumental in creating joint venture opportunities that mutually benefit the project participants.


We have, at our disposal, a network of experts in real estate and business development. We have access to – and the ability to utilize – the experience of the best among real estate brokers, architects, attorneys, lenders and business consultants. This network enables us to scale up or down as necessary, and provide complete solutions for developing real estate and business projects to benefit our partners, clients, and investors – all while staying within budget projections.


We have assembled an Investment Committee of five experts that help us with making our investment decisions:

  • Mike Butte – Chairman
  • Don Eastveld CEO TNRG
  • Dr. V. F. Williams – Investor
  • Chris Baker – Investment Banker
  • Shaz Butte – Research Analyst

Preferred Clients

In addition to the committee members, we also have established a Preferred Client relation with the following individuals and their companies:

  • Anwar Qadeer of Anwar Qadeer Law Firm – Business Contract Attorney
  • Gene Gyles of Gene Gyles Design Group – Architect
  • Maureen Donovan of Maureen Donovan Law Office – Immigration Attorney