Foreign Investor Services

At Z-Co., we hold your hand from the moment you begin considering EB-5 investment opportunities to the day you receive your permanent residence.

You will be assigned a personal concierge to liaise between your immigration attorney, operating partner and the development of your business project. We will guide you with every aspect of establishing your new life in the USA:

Do’s and don’ts

The idea of moving your family to a new country and starting a new life can be intimidating. We want to make the transition as smooth as it possibly could be. We want to be available to you for any question, help and guidance that can make it easier.

Project planning

We have carefully picked the projects that provide the potential for high earnings and low risk. We will send you a form that will outline your experience, strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes to suggest a business that best suits you. We will then create a plan of action to take you step by step towards establishing your new business and new life in USA.

Immigration attorneys

We have selected competent immigration attorneys to get you through the EB-5 immigration process. We work hand in hand with the attorney to move the process at a fast pace.

Business attorneys

It is imperative to setup your business properly. This will help you immensely in saving income taxes as well as shielding you and your business from undue liabilities and risk.

First visit to USA

We strongly recommend that you visit us in Houston to get a good glimpse of your life ahead. We will make arrangements to pick you up at the airport, making hotel reservations and giving you a tour of the city. We will also arrange your meetings with your immigration and business attorneys and be available to guide you during the visit.

Housing – Schools – Community

In order for a new resident to settle down in a community, you must decide what your needs and preferences are in terms of housing, schools and community activities.

We can help you decide what area fits your family’s needs at the present and a few years into the future. Our help can keep you from making the wrong decisions that can affect your life in more ways than you may realize.


We routinely obtain feasibility studies that help determine the viability of the projects. The cost and the quality of these feasibilities can vary so much that unless if you have the experience and the contacts in the field, you can easily lose money and time. Not to mention, the wrong information.

Setting up operation

Our vast network of experts along with our own experience can be utilized to properly setup your business. This in turn can result in success for you in your business.

Management services

In many instances, the owner of the business is unable to devote time to operating the business. We can oversee your business on your behalf and in some cases find an outside management company that suits your needs.