Five Key Finds to Fund’s Success

  • Attracting the right investors
  • Sourcing and qualifying the investment opportunities
  • Proper structuring of the Fund
  • Investor reporting and operational excellence
  • Predefined exit strategy

Attracting the right investors

  • Build and sustain an exceptional investment yield track record
  • Build and maintain an eminent and well-regarded team of advisors, including bankers, accountants, lawyers, and other specialists
  • Obtain access to qualified investors
  • Make sure that satisfied and loyal investors receive timely and effective communications, including financial and tax reports
  • Establish, promote, and protect a brand that exudes quality, skill, and integrity

Sourcing and qualifying the investment opportunities

  • Do the right things to make people want to do business with you: Demonstrate that you understand the important issues, you conduct due diligence effectively and efficiently, and you have credibility to close
  • Build an extensive network of joint venture partners who are trustworthy and skillful

Proper structuring of the funds

  • Structure investments that are suitable, attractive, and efficient for domestic individuals, tax exempt institutions, and a variety of foreign investor profiles
  • Establish best practice fee structures that align your interests with those of your investors
  • Determine the right degree of leverage on investments and for the fund overall
  • Structure investments to minimize federal, state, and foreign income, and asset & transfer tax costs, thereby providing optimal after-tax yield to investors and you

Investor reporting and the operational excellence

  • Develop and operate properties efficiently and effectively
  • Build and retain a skilled team at the advisor level
  • Comply with all financial and tax regulatory matters in a timely fashion

Predefined exit strategy

  • If agreed, effectively recycle capital within a fund
  • Correctly gauge ideal timing for closing a fund and starting a new one with the same investor group