Our commitment to prioritize each project ensures that our commercial real estate clients will have an abundance of choice for procedural modes and deliveries.

Our experts are competent, credentialed and in charge of every step related to your commercial real estate venture. Our clients can be confident that every detail of every transaction is comprehensively understood and acknowledged. Design and construction solutions are formulated with every variable carefully considered.

Delivery Models

The commercial real estate professionals at Z-Co Development design and formulate delivery models that adjust to the requirements of discerning individual clients, new investors and institutional concerns. We provide highly prudent profit generating solutions. Z-Co Development has been successful because we manage cost, ensure property solutions and are on time without incident. We specialize in fee-for-service, turnkey sales and speculative development.

Ownership Models

The service we provide to our clients is defined by the clients’ objectives including how real estate ownership is structured. Z-Co Development’s commercial real estate professionals provide expert advice and recommendations relating to ownership structures. We understand the complexities of commercial real estate ventures and transactions along with the variables that directly affect the business objectives and goals of our clients. Mastering issues like prevailing market conditions, financial constraints and client specifications set Z-Co Development apart from firms with fewer resources.

Our ownership structures are flexible and facilitate accurate assessment of multiple challenges and unidentified opportunities. Prominent ownership structures include developer-owner but leased to tenants to tenants under long term equity share agreements, jointly owned by developer and tenant but under recourse or non-recourse leasing
deals with the tenant.

  • Developer-owned, leased to tenants under long term equity share agreements
  • Jointly owned by developer and tenant, under recourse or non-recourse leasing deals with the tenant.

Construction Models

Our approach to designing and construction is fully collaborative, issues relating to pricing and anticipated profit are quantitative. We place significant emphasis on prior planning. This is why Z-Co has adopted the customary design and construction models, which are:

  • Design-Build: Z-Co would design and construct the project;
  • Design-Bid-Build: Z-Co would design the project and undergo an official and regular bidding process to win the building contract