We are in the process of opening several new Urban Retreat Studio and Trends by Urban Retreat locations in the Houston area. The investors have the option of either investing in a fund that will own several new locations or invest in specific locations in partnership with the Urban Retreat owner entity.

Investment Units:

One investment unit for the Urban Retreat Development fund is $100,000

Partnership Option:

Each Urban Retreat location requires between $600,000 and $1,000,000 of capitalization. Urban Retreat will operate the business and share profits with the Investment Partner on agreed terms.

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We have a unique approach in creating our projects. Our experience in real estate and business development helps us identify opportunities that have the potential to offer above average profits. The range of investment into our Real Estate Development Fund is $250,000 or more.

Here is how we qualify our projects:

  • Secured with prime real estate assets
  • Dual return opportunities from real estate appreciation and operations
  • Leverage of 50% loan to value (in most cases)
  • Branded development projects that increases in value with time
  • Availability of resources to successfully identify and complete the projects
  • Anticipate no more than a twelve month stabilization period