Business Development Services

Z-Co offers total business development solutions to our clients. We have a team of professionals that can prove valuable in creating new business opportunities. Z-Co’s small business development team can help its clients plan and execute and manage their business ventures in a more effective manner. Our goal is to help our clients not only create a successful business, but create wealth and financial independence.

Business Planning

Most new business ventures fail due to poor and/or lack of planning. Our talented professional network provides us with the ability to create financially viable business plans for our clients, thus giving them an added advantage.


A successful small business should be branded so that its success can be multiplied and duplicated. Branding a business can lower operational costs while adding viability and profitability with each new location. This can be the difference between the business that survives and the one that creates financial independence.

Franchise Area Development

We can provide the support to franchise operations that are looking to expand their market share in Texas. Our job is to help find a new franchise, location, provide financing, and construct a turnkey operation.


Z-Co offers project programming services like land selection, land coverage and overall building placement, project size determination, floor plate stacking and tenant-user adjacencies.

Site Acquisition

Z-Co provides convenience to commercial real estate clients by taking care of site acquisition transactions, including provision and securing of necessary approvals and entitlements from governments and other agencies or private entities.


We can help our clients with all business negotiations. If an acquisition, real estate purchase, new equipment or engaging services to develop a business project, we can offer our expertise to help you get the job done at the best possible price.

Ownership Options

Z-Co offers flexible ownership options, strategic and sound financing schemes and leverages. We can advise and form the entity that owns the business to help you protect from personal liabilities.

Budget Optimization

Z-Co manages project budgets and time lines. We collaborate with a network of experts that provide pre-construction services and hold a well-developed and maintained database of previous cost estimates from previous projects to help bring about a sound and logical budget targeting service.

Construction and Build-out Monitoring

Z-Co ensures that the overall construction of the project remains focused on the preferences and specifications of the clients. We also ensure that timelines and other important construction goals are achieved.