AutoPlex is a one-stop-shop for all automotive related services required by the consumer. All tenants will be specialty automotive businesses that compliment one another rather than compete unnecessarily.

We strongly feel that specialty automotive repair industry will continue to grow in the future. AutoPlex will make going to an auto repair shop an experience rather than something to dread. We want a select group of experts offering their services to the consumer at a superior level. We compare specialty shops with a patient’s visit to a doctor for all healthcare needs VS going to a specialist that has the superior knowledge and equipment to deal with the patient’s healthcare problem.


  • Convenient location
  • Clean and aesthetically pleasing environment
  • Easy access
  • Attractive architectural design
  • Optimum parking ratio
  • One-stop-shopping experience
  • Shuttle service


  • Affordable rents
  • No need to buy or build
  • High traffic locations
  • Lower initial investment
  • Basic equipment included with the lease space
  • Well designed for maximum exposure for each space
  • Specialty shops that help each other rather than compete
  • Professionally managed project
  • Professionally designed shops
  • Joint marketing opportunities


  • Landscaping maintenance services
  • Parking Lot cleaning and repairs
  • Exterior building upkeep
  • Pylon sign repair and maintenance
  • Joint marketing opportunities

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