About Us


Z-Co Development specializes in creating real estate and small business development projects. Our strength lies in formulating and implementing efficient and effective capital structures that meet or exceed the minimum return on investment goals for each project.


We have at our disposal a network of experts in commercial real estate and small business development. We have the ability to tap the experience of the best among real estate brokers, architects, attorneys, lenders, and business consultants enabling us to provide total solutions for developing real estate and business projects, benefiting our partners, clients, and investors.


A consultative approach is prioritized as Z-Co makes sure clients understand the dynamics, available options, financial structures, legal implications and strengths and weakness for each project, well before critical decisions are made. Z-Co understands that proper consultation and counsel to clients helps reach the most sound and opportunistic business decisions.


Here is what Z-Co looks to achieve in a typical project undertaken by the company:

  • Opportunity to create income producing commercial real estate
  • Acquisition of land at below market value for the intended use
  • Ability to create a profitable business operation in conjunction with real estate development
  • Projects’ potential to enhance value over the time of ownership
  • Branding of the business operation to increase the value of the investment
  • Sale of the project at premium value
  • Investment of the capital gains under the 1031 exchange laws